What do parents do, at a fast food restaurant, to encourage desirable behaviors

What do parents do at a fast food restaurant to encourage desirable behaviors and discourage undesirable behaviors? Are the principles of operant conditioning being used? You are to visit any fast food restaurant (McDonalds Burger King Wendys Taco Bell etc) and observe how parents use the principles of operant conditioning where they misuse them and where they fail to use them but should. You can observe in the main dining area or the play area if they have one or both. You may not include any drive thru observations. Then briefly describe one outstanding example for any three of the following four categories. You can use three different subjects or use one subject for more than one example. You only need one OUTSTANDING (clear definite) example for each of the three principles you choose. FORMAT: Standard title page. There will be three paragraphs in your post. Paragraph 1 “ Description of restaurant (including if it has a play area) date and time of observation. Paragraph 2 “ Three observations. Each observation labeled with the observed principle of operant conditioning at the beginning. Description of observed individuals (adults and children) including age gender race. What did you observe that demonstrated the principle being discussed? How effective was the technique? Paragraph 3 “ Comments including misuse or failure to use questions that came up surprises. Do not combine sections into an observation. PRINCIPLES: Any three of the following four. 1. Positive reinforcement of DESIRED behaviors. 2. Negative reinforcement for failing to show DESIRED behaviors. 3. Punishment for UNDESIRED behaviors. 4. Extinction of UNDESIRED behaviors by withdrawing attention or reinforcing stimuli.

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