When Jurgis and his family first arrive in America, they have many ideas about w

When Jurgis and his family first arrive in America they have many ideas about what opportunities they will have and how they will be able to take advantage of a new life in a new country. As The Jungle goes on almost of all Jurgiss dreams about how things will turn out for him and his family are dashed (destroyed). In a well-organized essay of about 3 to 3 1/2 pages describe the thoughts and dreams Jurgis and his family have upon arriving in America. Then throughout your essay describe what happens to Jurgis and family and how the reality of his experience living in America turns out much different than what he initially thought it would be. Some themes to explore in your essay are the working conditions; the corruption; housing; and sanitation. Dont feel you have to address each one of these; pick a few major points for your essay that describe the contrast from what Jurgis and his family members initially hoped for and what they actually experienced. You probably should find three or four quotes from the beginning of the novel that capture the initial thoughts of Jurgis when he arrives and then also find three or four quotes from later in the novel that illustrate how things actually turned out. Book Link:

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