Which terrorist organization do you think is the most dangerous to Americans and

Which terrorist organization do you think is the most dangerous to Americans and American interests? Instead of an organization you may think a lone wolf attacker is the most dangerous. Whichever you decide explain why you selected that organization or individual. Think about their history the impact of their attacks their weapons and their capabilities (such as if they have a long-range reach or have access to a large amount of money). Also provide a short summary of the group or individual. ANSWER THE ABOVE DISCUSSION QUESTION AND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATES DISCUSSION TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE. (MINIMUM OF WORDS EACH) CLASSMATES POST Over the years both organized terrorist groups and lone wolves have targeted the United States. Al Qaedas 9/11 was the most well-known attack. Since then the United States has conducted a number of successful assaults and mitigating techniques (FBI 2019). ISIS is currently the greatest threat to American citizens according to current evidence. Relentless and brutal ISIS continues to wage war on the West in spite of their loss and has aggressively propagated its anti-Western agenda to recruit more violent extremists. Several recent ISIS movies and propaganda have urged assaults against military police officers and members of the intelligence community. Its important to note however that ISIS is not the sole cause for alarm. It is still Al Qaedas goal to carry out large-scale high-profile terrorist assaults (FBI 2019). Al Qaedas Afghanistan-Pakistan senior leadership has been weakened by counterterrorism efforts but in the near future the organization is more likely to focus on creating overseas affiliates and sponsoring small-scale easily accomplished assaults in crucial countries such as east and West Africa (FBI 2019). Since last year al Qaeda leaders anti-American and anti-Western propaganda has been aimed at encouraging individuals to carry out attacks in the United States and the West. Group terrorism like ISIS is more dangerous to America compared to lone wolf attacks. That is because group coordinated attacks have greater magnitude of casualties compared to lone wolf attacks. Reference FBI. (2019 October 30). Global terrorism: Threats to the homeland. FBI. Retrieved December 4 2021 from

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